Why Self Care Should Be Inclusive

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Why Self Care Should Be Inclusive

The rise of self-care comes from people living in uncertain times, therefore instead of relying on government, institutions or religious orders for certainty people retreat inwards to find what they can do to be resilient in life.  This finds the rise of self-care the world on the internet is one of the wellness words trending at the moment.

While I feel that the act of working on oneself and taking time out of our twenty-four seven always on culture gives people space and time to focus on reflection and self-acceptance. Thereby, this helps people to lead healthy & happy lives.  Spending time scheduling in self-care can mean making time to switch off from our technology and enjoy our perspectives and insights of the world.  Being able to improve our self-worth and understand own value that you have to give to the world. Recharge, so we can find time to ready to face the world. People should self-care as a way of rejuvenating and refreshing and good for us rather than seeing it as self-indulgent.   If you spend time working on yourself, you can, therefore, go on to help other people around you.

However, my criticism of self-care comes if the only images of self-care we see are from Instagram than of pictures of people in fancy yoga clothes using expensive candles.  It could suggest that certain people may feel excluded; self-care and the act of self-care should be for everyone in society. Secondly, the commercialisation of self-care finds that you can now buy self-care kits, while I understand we can buy things that can help.  We can do things for free like taking a nap; going for a walk in nature, spend time journaling. Lastly, while self-care is an individual act, it could be we could promote this collaboratively and as a collective so we encourage self-care for all members of society especially those more vulnerable in society.

Here are my three tips you can try today.


Grab and pen and paper once a day and spend time writing out daily what is going on in your subconscious mind.  Journaling is an excellent way to help you gain clarity about what you are thinking or even just getting thought out on paper can help you to gain perspective.  The trick is to be consistent with this. So go grab and pen & paper and get writing.

Walking in Nature

Spending time in nature can help to relieve stress, help you to slow down and for some help you to be more creative and find your insights.  Also, it can boost your mood and increase your overall health and well-being, why not schedule in time for a walk today.

Switch off your tech

Learn to get into switching off your tech. It could be for an hour and day or even a whole day at the weekend.  Being offline can help you to gain your insights about the world & gives you time to recharge and for some reflection.  Why not indulge in switching off your tech today.

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