About Me

Growing up in London and living there, I quickly fell into the routines of the big city – having a full-time job, running a host of small projects and running up debts buying lots of things that seemed to be required.  I never seemed to have any time to myself and had a complete inability to say ‘no’ to people – resulting in a feeling of being drained of both energy and money.

It all began to change when a read a blog called Zen Habits by a man named Leo Babauta.  The blog was all about bringing simplicity into your life.  It talked about matters such as being more mindful, clutter free, focused on the things that you do, and how to live a healthy, happy life.

Step by step I started myself to remove the things in my life that did not add much value to me. I reduced my debts, built a capsule wardrobe, began digital detoxing & learned to say no to people.  I now have created space in my life for the things that truly matter & spend my time living a simply healthy, happy more fulfilling life.

My Qualifications include

  • ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  • BSc in Health
  • YMCA Exercise to Music

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