The Secret To Happiness Is To Find Focus

Victoria Bilsborough

The Secret To Happiness Is To Find Focus

We live in a world that presumes that to be happy to you need a have certain things in your life, like a giant house, the newest gadget on the market, the latest fashion item or just to have the time to laze around an infinity pool all day long. However, research suggests that true happiness comes from being able to give your fullest attention to something and when you can bring moments of flow in your everyday life.

For example, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi studied those states in which people report feelings of deep enjoyment. His studies revealed best moments in life found when a person body or mind where stretch to its limits by doing something worthwhile and focused. Human beings are at their best when they are immersed deeply into something absorbing and challenging. You are so engaged in what you are doing and concentrate that time flies. He calls this flow. Thereby you can get this from writing, painting, singing, solving games, and exercising. Therefore these pastimes can help you to maximize your happiness rather than products. Only around twenty percent of people find flow every day – while over fifteen percent of people do not see the flow in their daily lives.

Therefore, challenges the assumption that lazing around at home, buying new things or just spending days lying by infinity pool made people happier. To find the happiness you need to spend your time being focused on things that are profoundly absorbing and challenging.

While another theory came from the science writer, Winfred Gallagher found a connection between happiness and attention in her book titled Rapt (2009). Her science work came up with the theory of ‘grand unified theory’ this is the skillful management of your attention to the good things in your life you can improve every aspect of your life. She recalls that after being diagnosed with cancer, she decided to focus on what was right in her life. So instead of spending time thinking about this dark disease and worrying about the past or the future, she went on to give her fullest attention and focus on her writing, her evening walks with her family and the five thirty martinis that she drank every afternoon. She came up with the theory “your life is the sum of what you focus on”. Therefore the skillful management of attention is the key to happiness and fulfillment is to live a focused life.
Both these theories conclude that to live a happy life, it best to give your fullest attention to things and choose wisely what you focus on rather than spending your time in states of distraction or worrying about past or future events.

Start to schedule into your daily life, things that you can give your fullest attention too. Focus on the good things in your life right now – plan out little please into your every day – it could be an evening walk or cooking your favorite dinner or just spending time with your family or friends or reading a good book. Add things into your life that can give you flow even if it’s only for a few hours. Pay as much attention to schedule in what you do with your time over weekends and evenings.