How To Set Yourself Free

How To Set Yourself Free

SaveJeremy Bishop

How we spend our days reflects on how we spend our life.  Simple living is about enjoying the everyday approach to life.  Therefore, if your daily life is filled with dread, upset and emotional turmoil, then you need to look at why you are not enjoying the journey. What small steps could you take to ensure that your life is much more balanced?  Our expectations of what is going to happen or what it should be can lead to big disappointments, and therefore we should let go of what to expect and enjoy every moment.

Success is how we live each day rather than achieving the big life-changing moments.  Everyday living is what brings personal happiness.  Persistent effort and investment in the every day means that small habits win through over big goals.  For example, to stay in shape, it helps if you can exercise consistently and find things that you enjoy doing that moves your body rather than going on an extreme exercise plan that is unstainable, and therefore you give up because it is too hard or you do not have the time to do this.

Furthermore, to have good health, we need to know our bodies and what good health means to us. It could be that you need to get better sleep, so you need to ensure that you go to bed most nights of the week around the same time, & make sure the environment for sleeping is the best you can make it.  We need to take care of ourselves first before we can nurture other people, so we need to ensure that our self-care plan fits our own needs.

Manage your energy not your time

In everything that you do try to find the space and the energy to give one hundred percent and be fully present.  So rather than managing your time, start to manage your energy levels.  Look within yourself to find where are your energy levels at their highest for you to do your best work.  When your energy levels low to ensure that you relax and allow your mind and body space to relax and recharge.  Learn to live by your power system.

Being impeccable with your word

This means when we say we are going to do something we do it. Showing up in life is half the battle. You become much more of a go-to person to be able to keep your word in life, rather than letting people down last minute.  Your ability to say no to people can help.  Learn to say no a lot more often to things you do not want to do.  Therefore, this leads you time and space to say yes to the things that matter in life.

Don’t take things personally

We sometimes make assumptions in everything we do.  Our expectations of things sometimes are too high, and we get disappointed if things do not go to plan.  People can let us down, or they act in the particular way that is not in line with our values.  The key here is to understand the other person perspective and then seek to learn from what has happened and move on.

Hope you liked my tips on setting yourself free.