Be Consistent In Everything You Do

Lukas Blazek

Be Consistent In Everything You Do

The best advice I could give to someone is the ability to be consistent in everything that you do. That is if you want to be successful in everyday life then your ability over time be consistent will win through in the end.
In my younger years, I would grab onto anything that was shiny, new, and exciting at first and then once I got bored, tired or even failed at it a few times. I would then move onto the next thing and start the process again. People including myself are always looking for the easy way out, however, unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

However, later in my life what I started to notice was people who saw things from a long-term perspective and gave time to the process rather than the end goal were the people who went on to succeed. If I started a course, it was not always the loudest or the people you thought would be there at the end. It was always the quiet, unassuming people who had committed themselves to the process who were the people who finished the course. Therefore that had pledged to be consistent.

However, to be consistent takes practice and one good way of developing this skill is to build a system in place that makes it easy to stay committed.
I started to notice this in other areas of my life. To remain in shape – it does not mean turning up once to the gym or going on an extreme fitness regime for only a few weeks. It means setting your goal of being healthy into a long-term process, like building into to your weekly schedule times where you exercise or adding a daily walk into your everyday life. Of course, sometimes this does not go to plan, or I am away or do not get the exercise class I wanted to or that I am ill. But it is okay sometimes to fail, but being able to get back into exercising mean that I turned the goal of staying in shape into the process which I can be consistent in the long term.

I write a blog, so that means that I need time and space to write or come up with new content. Whereas before I would have started this and then trailed off at some point further down the line. I now build into my weekly schedule time and space to write, this means turning off social media sites and giving me time to fully focus on this process. Therefore apart from August and December which I feel is crucial holiday time which I do not write many posts. I am able most of the time to be consistent with blogging by turning this into a process.

To get what you want you to need to be consistent in moving forward in the direction that you want to achieve. Therefore your ability to be consistent and stick with the things that you want to make in life within the end wins through.
Make being consistent in everything you do the key to your success.