Welcome to the start of a simple life.

Miss Simple Living is a blog inspiring women to live simple, healthy, happy, more fulfilling lives so you can devote more time, energy and focus to the things that are truly important.

•  Focus on what matters
• Live healthy
• Identify the essential
• Cut out the distractions


• More space
• Less stress
• More time
• More freedom
• Living life with the greatest fulfillment

If you are overwhelmed and under-inspired, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve worked too hard, spent too much money, time and energy on things that did not really matter. But I’ve changed my ways and now & have created the life I really want.


I’m Shakira and I started this website to share my story and help you discover the joy of simple living.  I am a Health & Wellbeing Coach,  I love yoga, hiking, learning languages & travelling. I also love to spend time being with friends and family and connect with amazing people like you.

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